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Jungle Name Fabric Wall Decal, Custom Name Sign Decal

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It is the time to bring the playful warmth of a savanna to your kiddy’s room. The customized jungle name fabric wall decal for kids are the perfect escape to their favorite African wild life sanctuary. The board that has your kid’s name is surrounded by a cute hippopotamus, a monkey, a tiger and a lizard. The kiddies will feel proud of themselves whenever they see their name among these cartoonish and cuddly little animals that have come to life on their wall. The extra flora provided with the jungle name fabric decal will add a smooth touch at its best to set the jungle mood. This will be a great chance for you to tell your kids about the little secrets of the jungle and the animals that talk. These cartoonish animals from your little one’s favorite movie will share their experience with their new friends for sure.

Applying a decal instead of hiring an artist to paint your walls will save money and will be manageable even with your day-to-day busy schedule. This high quality sunny decal is ideal to brighten up any color wall of your house but it could add a smooth touch to a bedroom, playroom, nursery, living room, den or a kid’s bathroom. You can even decorate your kid’s zoo or safari themed amusement parties and again install the decals back where they were. Don’t forget that you can reuse these decals because of the quality water based adhesive we are using. We have let your kid’s creativity emerge when setting up our decals. Allowing them to install these pieces will improve the power of imagination. Thus applying our sunny decals on your empty walls will make a big difference in your precious one’s life. Hurry up and add your own creative touch to your jungle wall.


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Each of these custom decals are made with love and will make any room in your home instantly more fun. All you have to do is peel them off and start sticking. It’s so easy that even your little explorer can help decorate!

Just make sure your little Tarzan or Jane doesn’t start swinging from the ceiling with excitement over their new, one-of-a-kind bedroom.

All of our decals are made from a patented fabric material with a water based adhesive. The material is repositionable and may be reused over and over again. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and phthalates free. It won’t shrink, stretch, wrinkle, or tear and it can be easily pulled apart if it sticks together during installation. The installation is easy and does not require any transfer paper or squeegee. Just simply peel it off the wax paper and place it anywhere on your wall. Our decals are easy to clean and will not leave a sticky residue on your walls.

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