nda Bears Fabric Wall Decals, Set of Four Adorable Pandas with Cloud, Star, Rainbow, and Moon - Sunny Decals

Panda Bears Fabric Wall Decals, Set of Four Pandas - 3 Size Options

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These adorable fabric decals come in a set of four panda bears with a rainbow, cloud, star, and moon. The decals are made from a high quality fabric material that is non toxic and easy to apply.

All of our decals are made from a patented fabric material with a water based adhesive. The material is repositionable and may be reused over and over again. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and phthalates free. It won’t shrink, stretch, wrinkle, or tear and it can be easily pulled apart if it sticks together during installation. The installation is easy and does not require any transfer paper or squeegee. Just simply peel it off the wax paper and place it anywhere on your wall. Our decals are easy to clean and will not leave a sticky residue on your walls.

Product Dimensions (Please see thumbnail image for exact sizes of each item)

Small size:
Panda with star - 9.4" x 12.5"
Panda with cloud - 14.4" x 8.6"
Panda with rainbow - 18" x 11.2"
Panda with moon - 13.9" x 16.8"

Medium size:
Panda with star - 11.7" x 15.6"
Panda with cloud - 18" x 10.8"
Panda with rainbow - 22.5" x 14"
Panda with moon - 17.4" x 21"

Large size:
Panda with star - 15.2" x 20.3"
Panda with cloud - 23.4" x 14"
Panda with rainbow - 29.2" x 18.3"
Panda with moon - 22.6" x 27.3"