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Robot Fabric Wall Decals, Set of 6 Cute Robots, Three Sizes Available

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Our Robot Fabric Wall decals are the most ideal mural for your little future engineer’s work place. Your little one will love these robots who give a hand to their master to do all the crazy stuff. Give names to each robot with your kid as they wish. Apply each robot in different places like bedroom, playroom and living area and even in their bathroom if they are pleased. Let your robot lover play and speak everything on their mind with these amazing cuddly machines.

These six crazy cool robot dudes of blue, red, yellow, green, orange and gray will add a tech touch to any kiddies’ wall and transform any messy place to a tech zone in no time and without any additional tools. The unique aerials, wheels, and displays of these robots will add more value than a normal robot decal. Since every boy loves the new tools and gadgets, they are dying to see what these amazing artificial intelligent machines are capable of. Help them take the first step of their life with science and technology that change the world day by day. Let your kid’s creativity come out by allowing them to apply these robots on the walls as they please. Don’t worry these won’t tear or curl. Moreover these can be repositioned and reused over many times as long as the sticky side remains clean. This high quality and hassle free product of Sunny decals is non toxic and eco friendly.

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Available in 3 different sizes! (Please see image for dimensions)

All of our decals are made from a patented fabric material with a water based adhesive. The material is repositionable and may be reused over and over again. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and phthalates free. It won’t shrink, stretch, wrinkle, or tear and it can be easily pulled apart if it sticks together during installation. The installation is easy and does not require any transfer paper or squeegee. Just simply peel it off the wax paper and place it anywhere on your wall. Our decals are easy to clean and will not leave a sticky residue on your walls.