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Frozen Inspired Snowflake Fabric Wall Decals - Set of 18

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These beautiful snowflakes were inspired from Frozen and your children will love them when they seem them on their walls. The frozen inspired snowflake fabric wall decals are made from a fabric material that is extremely easy to apply. Comes in a set of 18 Snowflakes! 

These Frozen inspired snowflakes wall decals are one of the most exclusive, among our latest frozen inspired decal set. Applying a decal is the latest and easiest way to add a designer flair to a wall without the help of an artist or hanging a massive mural. Our snowflake wall decals set has 18 different designs of snowflakes from different sizes to decorate your wall wherever your kids’ see often. These chilly decals are ideal to install on your kids’ bedroom, living room, playroom or nursery to inspire them. At the same time they can be used to decorate Christmas parties or any other snow themed parties. Your kids will love to experience a snow fall in their own room throughout the year. These scattering snowflakes will create the atmosphere of a winter wonderland in your place in seconds while letting all the whole family enjoy it together. No matter whether it is hot summer or blooming spring, you will feel cold like winter throughout the entire year. Simply arrange them in your own unique style as you wish to achieve maximum elegance from this decal.

You can even decorate a room by adding a few snowflakes on window glasses and other furniture to maximize the winter effect created. Our trouble-free Frozen inspired snowflakes fabric wall decals are always easy to apply and remove without damaging both the wall and the decal. All you have to do is simply peel and stick this decal wherever you like, there is no need of additional equipment. Our Sunny decals are made of special fabric that are durable and will not shrink curl or tear due to the changes in weather. Do not hesitate to place your order now and tryout our easy and inexpensive method of decorating your walls to make a difference in the lives of the ones you love.

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All of our decals are made from a patented fabric material with a water based adhesive. The material is repositionable and may be reused over and over again. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and phthalates free. It won’t shrink, stretch, wrinkle, or tear and it can be easily pulled apart if it sticks together during installation. The installation is easy and does not require any transfer paper or squeegee. Just simply peel it off the wax paper and place it anywhere on your wall. Our decals are easy to clean and will not leave a sticky residue on your walls.

Product Dimensions: (width x height)

Snowflakes (range) -  2.5" x 2.5" to 6.5" x 6.5"

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