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Decorating your Apartment or Dorm with Decals

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Wall Decals for Apartments and Dorms

Our wall decals aren’t just for youngsters, you can get in on the fun, too. Sunny Decals are a great way to add color to your apartment or dorm room without having to worry about asking permission to paint or drill holes in your wall. Plus, you can always take the decals down and put different ones up when the mood strikes you!

Plus, the decorating doesn’t have to stop at your walls – you can add character to your ceiling fan, light switch, dishwasher, dryer, fridge – the sky is the limit when it comes to letting your personality shine through! You can even incorporate Sunny Decals into the art you already have up on your walls.

There are many benefits of decorating your apartment or dorm with wall decals. You can experiment and have fun with designs and you don’t have to paint over any of your craftsmanship when you decide to move or have to check out. No matter how temporary your space may be, you can make it feel like yours with a few simple touches.

Here are some tips on how to use decals in your home:

  1. Play Around
    Don’t be afraid of testing out different strategies when it comes to placement. Like I said before, you can peel your decal off and move it around as much as you want without peeling off your wall’s paint or chipping it. If you thought the hot air balloon decal would look cool on your mirror, but now think it would look better on your ceiling – test it out!
  2. Be Creative
    Use items you already have to enhance your wall decals. For example, let’s say you have a sweets jar in your kitchen. Use our candy wall decals on the tiles around it or on the actual jars. Have a music corner for your guitars and drums and other instruments? Accent it with our rock star wall decals. Our under the sea decals can instantly turn your bathroom into an aquarium of fun!
  3. Let Your Personality Show
    Your apartment or dorm is your sanctuary and your space and you should be proud of it. Let your fun, warm, engaging personality shine in your thoughtful and fun décor. Your friends will love what you’ve done to your place and you’ll love looking at something other than stark, blank walls.
  4. Express Your Mood
    If one set of wall decals isn’t making you smile anymore, you can take them down and put them back on their backing for another day and put up another set. From out-of this-world space decals to cute animal options, you can change your apartment whenever the mood strikes you with no consequences on your walls.
  5. Have Your Friends Help
    If you’re in an apartment or dorm you more than likely have a roommate or two. Talk to them about decorating the common areas and brainstorm themes everyone likes and can agree on. When sharing a space it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and that it’s their home, too. Make sure you talk to them first before decorating.
  6. Enjoy Your Hard Work
    Moving into or decorating a place can be exhausting. Remember to take a minute (or five) to sit down and enjoy the space you’ve created for yourself. This is your home and it’s important to relax and appreciate it!

How have you incorporated wall decals into your décor plan? What have you found that works and doesn’t work? I would love to see your photos, inspiration boards, and hear your creative ideas and thoughts.

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