Get The Party Started!

Posted by Sunny Decals on on 24th Feb 2013

Rock and Roll and Candy Party Decor

Have you hit a creative wall thinking about the theme of your kid’s next party? We have two sweet ideas for your next big celebration. It’s true that Sunny Decals look great on your walls all year long, but you can also stockpile some for special occasions. Add some extra sparkle to your next birthday party or play date with our fun, colorful decals. They really do get the party started!

Plus, once all the presents have been opened and cake eaten, you can reuse your decals by decorating a room in your home, or you can simply stick them back on their wax paper and save them for another event.

Sweet Tooth Candy Themed Party

Throw a party that’s sugar and spice and everything nice with our candy wall decals. Turn your house into a real life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory with these fun party ideas.

  1. Make a Candy Buffet
    Buy a variety of your favorite candies and set them up buffet style on a table. Give each guest their own goodie bag and let them fill it up with their favorite treats.
  2. Have a Cupcake Design Contest
    Bake a variety of different flavors beforehand than set out frostings, decorations, candy, and other fun things for the kids to use to create their own masterpiece. Hand out prizes for the most creative creations or count everyone a winner and let them enjoy eating their piece of art.
  3. Decorate with Lollipop Balloons
    Keep with the theme by making your own giant lollipop balloon decorations. All you need are colorful balloons, some clear plastic sheets, ties, and white sticks. Blow up the balloons and tie them to the sticks. Cover the balloon with the clear plastic wrap and tie at the bottom. Leave some of the plastic at the bottom for a real lollipop effect.
  4. Set Up Candyland Board Games
    Round up as many copies of the game that you can find and set them up around the house for a Candyland tournament. The last player standing at the end of the final round will get a fun prize.
  5. Play Sweet Games
    There are so many fun games you can play that incorporate sweets. You can play a candy guessing game and have people guess each candy they are given blindfolded. You can also fill mason jars with different treats around the room and have the kids guess how many are in each jar on a piece of paper. Towards the end of the event, round up their answers and the person closest to the correct answers for each individual ones gets to keep that mason jar of candy.

Rock ‘n Roll Themed Party

Everything feels a little more exciting with an epic soundtrack to back it up. Throw a rock star themed bash complete with karaoke, a stage, and our fun decals and you’ll be on your way to the party planner hall of fame.

  1. Create a Rockin’ Stage
    Use our rock star wall decals as your stage backdrop. Clear an area in your garage or living room and decorate it with balloons, streamers, glitter – whatever you desire – and make or borrow a mike stand.
  2. Make VIP passes for all your guests
    Forget boring old nametags – give each pint-sized pop star their special VIP pass to the party. Everyone will feel extra special knowing they have special access to the main event.
  3. Have Fun with Party Favors
    Hand out blow up guitars or microphones to the kids at the door. You can find relatively cheap accessories at your local dollar store,, or a toy store.
  4. Host a Karaoke Concert
    Now’s the time to put that stage to good use! Have a list of kid-friendly songs and let them ham it up for their friends. Encourage them to sing in groups and together. Get everyone involved in the fun!
  5. Serve Up Rock Star Cookies
    Instead of cake, serve up yummy sugar cookies in the shapes of guitars and stars and decorate them with each child’s name.

Do you have any fun decorating ideas? Let me know!