Dinosaur Sock Puppet Fun

Posted by Sunny Decals on on 17th Feb 2013

Dinosaur Sock Puppet Fun

Do your kids adore dinosaurs? Do they go bonkers for brontosaurs and wild for Pterodactyls? You can turn their passion for all things prehistoric into a fun at-home learning and crafty session with these cute dinosaur sock puppets. All you need is a few materials, a little imagination, and you’ll be ready to put on a primitive puppet show with your family.

Plus, you can use your adorable dinosaur wall decals as a background and – snap – you not only have the perfect prehistoric playroom, but you have a canvas that lets your little caveman’s creativity and curiosity run wild.

Let’s get started.

First, you will need:
- Socks (any color you desire)
- Red, Black, and Green Felt
- Googly Eyes (you can find these at your local Michael’s or Beverly’s Fabrics)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Cue Cards
- A Glass

Now that you have everything ready, you and your kiddies are ready to get crafty.

  1. Put the sock on your child’s hand and practice turning it into a puppet. Make it talk and figure out where its mouth is going to go and where the eyes will be placed.
  2. Take the red felt and cut out tiny triangles. These are going to become your dinosaur’s mouth. While you’re cutting, brainstorm with your child fun names for their soon-to-be puppet.
  3. Glue the felt mouth onto the thumb portion of the sock. You can do this while the sock is on your child’s hand or you can remove it.
  4. Take the googly eyes and place and glue them above the mouth. They should rest on the top of your hand when you put the sock on. Look your dinosaur puppet is already starting to take on a life of its own!
  5. Now it’s time to make the nose. Take the red or black felt and make two little circles. These will become the dinosaur’s snout. Glue them on the tip of your sock above the mouth.
  6. Your dynamite dino needs some spikes! Take the green or red felt and cut out four to six triangles. You will glue two triangles together and then glue the bottom to the sock. Match up each spike in a row. Do this with the sock on someone’s hand as a guide. Press down as you glue to make sure the spike stays in place and doesn’t flop around. Continue doing this with as many spikes as you want for your sock creation.
  7. If you want, you can make arms for your sock dinosaur. All you have to do is either cut off some of the material at the base of the sock or cut up a separate sock into strips. Tightly roll them and glue on the sides of the sock to make little dinosaur arms.
  8. Carefully take it off your hand model and wait for all the glue to dry before you start your prehistoric performance.
  9. While you are waiting for this, talk to your kids about dinosaurs. What are some fun facts you can share with them? Why do they like dinosaurs? What kind is their favorite? Brainstorm a story with them and write it down on your cue or index cards. Have fun and get as silly as you want with it.
  10. When the puppets dry, it’s time to practice. Get everyone together and act out your dinosaur melodrama with your dinosaur wall decals as the backdrop.

Sock puppets are a fun activity to do as a family and they make for hours and hours of fun afterwards, too. Spark your family’s creativity today without spending tons of money or having to buy tons of products.