Dinosaur Sock Puppet Fun

Posted by Sunny Decals on on 18th Feb 2013

Do your kids adore dinosaurs? Do they go bonkers for brontosaurs and wild for Pterodactyls? You can turn their passion for all things prehistoric into a fun at-home learning and crafty session with th … read more

Make Homemade Candy

Posted by Sunny Decals on on 11th Feb 2013

Staring at our candy-themed wall decals gives us a sweet tooth - and gets our creative juices flowing. True, it’s not good to give your kiddos sugar all the time, but it’s okay to make tasty treats to … read more

Quick Decorating Tips

Posted by Sunny Decals on on 4th Feb 2013

Decorating your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task. Once you’ve planned on a theme for their nursery, playroom, or bedroom, and found the perfect nursery wall decals, you can pre … read more